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Cosplay Silicone Sex Doll Space Lady Megan 158cm


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My Imagination? 158cm Megan.

Recently I attended a cosplay event with several friends. I was there as a single and hoped to meet a single lady. We had drinks, in fact, so many. At one point I had to go lay down for a bit in my car! I went right to sleep. I remember waking up wondering where my friends were, so went back inside to find them. As soon as I walked inside, I ran right into this gorgeous platinum blonde! She had on this see-through ‘space outfit’ and was carrying a ray-gun in each hand. She also was wearing fishnet stockings with these insane, leather studded garter straps! I think her eyes were black, but couldn’t tell because of the yellow plastic goggles she had on…

Later, we went to my car and made out and soon her space outfit was off! She straddled my lap, and as I ran my hands over the studded straps on her thighs, she bounced on me with her incredible ass, jiggling with each deep thrust. We both exploded in ecstasy, then slowly fell asleep together. I woke up later… There was no sign of Megan, the space lady! I walked back in and asked my friends if they had seen her anywhere. They said, ‘Man, you’re dreaming. There no one here that hot!’ Hmmm, I thought to myself, I guess I dreamed her up…?


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