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Black Skin Sex Doll Demetria 157cm


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Demetria is a Skinny Sexy Teen

Demetria is moving into her first apartment, and she has to finish painting the place before the move. She knows you like her and would do anything to help her. When she asks in her sweet voice to give her a hand, you accept. You can’t turn down any chance you have to show Demetria how much you like her. Don’t worry, Demetria likes you, too.

You arrive at Demetria’s apartment, ready to work. She’s ready, too, wearing a tank top and shorts that barely cover her ass. You love her dark skin and the way she braids her hair. Demetria has an incredible body you can spend hours playing with in bed. Once you work, she complains about the heat and lowers the top of her coveralls. The blue tank top hugs her breasts, and you can tell she isn’t wearing a bra. Demetria takes her top off, and you lick your lips at the sight of her small tits. Next, Demetria shows you her pink panties. She smiles as she takes them off and tells you she wants you to use your tongue as a paintbrush on her ass and pussy. Her body is tight and toned. You pull your cock out and go to work on Demetria’s sweet body. Helping her is the best thing you can think of to do with her body.


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